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Sellers Union Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, located in Ningbo A port city, also have large building in Yiwu. Total registered capital of the group and subsidiaries exceeds 300 million RMB. We take import and export of the daily products as our core business. Through years of self-trading profits, we already established a very strong economic basis. We invested in equity funds, international logistics, tourism, film and television culture and other projects with our own funds. Our group is stepping to highlight the core business, expand related areas and create an integrated holding group in foreign trade ecosystem. Now, we are concerned about the importance of storage and organization to enhance the comfort of space and the sense of quality of life. Thus, we have launched series of storage products. These products have received great popularity in the market. Every month, a large number of buyers order these products from us in various categories, which is a good opportunity for everyone. We are committed to making our products not only to the environment and objects, but also to the continuous sorting of people’s inner emotional world, to decompress the space and decompress the mind.

Our History


Annual operating income exceeded $1 billion , which continued maintaining double-digit growth.


Published the group's new mission, vision and core values, both business scale and profitability reached a historical high.


Expanded foreign trade service chain and released Sellersunion Online, established U Tour Trip, was awarded 2015 Ningbo Top 10 Employers.


Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang visited and reserched on our group. The board decided to donate 1% of the group’s profit to social charity.


Top 100 Enterprises in Ningbo, Top 100 Enterprises in Zhejiang of the service industry, Top 500 Enterprises in China's service industry.


The company was selected as “the model of export-oriented economical company of Ningbo”.


1999Transforms into the earliest exporter of general merchandise in Ningbo and becomes a pioneer in the general merchandise export industry.


Sellers Union registers and establishes in Ningbo Free Trade Zone and the registered capital is 1.5 millon yuan.

After 20 years’ development, Sellers Union Group has established a stable trade relationship with more than 1,500 buyers from over 120 countries and areas. 50% of the customers are terminal supermarket clients. Many of them purchase tens of million dollars per year. Important suppliers under cooperation are over 3,000. Thousands of suppliers are with purchase amount over a million. Our products are in dozens of categories over a hundred thousand kinds. We export at least 10,000 of 40HQ containers and indirectly create more than 20,000 work opportunities for the society every year.


Winning Together As A Team

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Social Responsibility

Group is active in public welfare charity, has accumulated donation exceeds 30 million yuan.

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Concentric · si yuan fund

Sellers Union Group has been actively involved in charity and public welfare for a long time. President Xu Pingju joined the China Democratic National Construction Association in 2008 and became a member of the democratic party.
While operating the enterprise benignly, the awareness of fulfilling corporate social responsibility has been greatly enhanced. In the process of making the company stronger and better, it never forgets to give back to the society and practice its responsibility as an entrepreneur. Up to now, it has donated more than 10 million yuan to carry out charitable activities such as poverty alleviation, help for the poor and students.


Fighting Against COVID-19

On Feb 3rd, two representatives of Sellers Union Group went to Ningbo Charity Federation and Yiwu Red Cross respectively in order to donate 6.6 million yuan to support Ningbo & Yiwu in fighting against COVID-19. Prior to it, Patrick Xu, the president of the group also personally donated 300,000 yuan.
In the face of the severe situation, the Chinese government has adopted a series of extraordinary, powerful and comprehensive measures to respond to the epidemic prevention and control work. Now China has done well in controlling COVID-19 epidemic.
Sellers Union Group stays in line with the Government’s arrangements, keep positive, and hold infinite faith to win the battle against COVID-19!


Ningbo Staff Organized a Wid Breeze Activity

The staff of Sellers Union Group went to Dongqian Lake.
After arriving at the destination, we quickly divided into several groups and began to walk slowly around Dongqian Lake. Although the sun was very hot that day, everyone insisted on picking up the trash around them.

Hope more people can join us. We can make our life better!

Assist Students

Carried Out Activity to Assist Students from Special Family

On May 28,“Warm Breeze” organization carried out activity to assist students from special families of third generation under national birth control rule. Silver Hu, Youlanda W, Yukin Liao, Snow Wang and representatives from Dongliu community and Minglou community visited these families.

We hope the community and the government can carry out more actions to take care of them and make them feel the warmth of the society!

Rebuild the road

Help the villagers of Zhu village to rebuild the road

Helping Zhu Village to repair the road reflected a side view of our group’s fulfillment of social responsibility. And it was also a new project of "Sellers Care" named "Sellers Love for the Rural ". In recent years, our group had donated almost 4 million RMB on this project and helped many villages to build the Senior Citizen Activity Center, Hope Primary School and the village road in Guizhou, Lishui, Fenghua and so on.

These projects were all reflections of our care and love for the society. Our group would set aside a special fund to help operate these charity projects smoothly and undertake the mission of green enterprise.

Main Awards

Top 500 enterprise in Chinese service industry. Top 100 in Zhejiang service in dustry. Top 10 export enterprise in Ningbo.

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√ We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected .